Math Camp ARE library

Microeconomics Math Camp

Microeconomics Math Camp

Add Math Camp to your summer plans!

2023 Math Camp: September 18–21, 6:00pm–8:30pm (tentative)

At Math Camp, you’ll get:

  • Necessary training to be prepared for Intermediate Microeconomics (ARE 100A and B) 
  • Exclusive access to learn from UC Davis faculty and graduate students
  • An opportunity to connect with other new transfer students in your major

The free workshop is offered in dual-modality (in-person attendance in the ARE Library and via Zoom). 

Reviews from the first-ever Math Camp held September 2022
Math Camp 2022
  • “As many students know, calculus is a difficult subject to grasp the first time around. By going to math camp, I feel way more prepared to take on challenging economic classes in the future.”
  • “In order to get yourselves ready for ARE100A, go to math camp! It is definitely worth it!”
  • “I would highly recommend this math camp for those starting school. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by having math class my first quarter, but now I know what to expect. I feel confident I will be able to enjoy the class.”


From Tina Kotsakou, Ph.D. instructor: "Teaching Math Camp as a graduate student was very rewarding, I had the chance to work with highly motivated undergraduate students who showed up voluntarily to prepare themselves for their upcoming economics courses. Being in class with them was a fulfilling and rewarding experience."


If you have any questions regarding Math Camp, please contact Kristin Kiesel (